William Francis

William Francis

William Francis

Registered Representative Investment Advisory Representative


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F: 845.224.3872

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Regardless of the stage of life you are in, you are encountering some very important decisions that will impact your future; whether it is your ability to fund your children's education, being able to sustain your lifestyle in retirement or revamping your investment portfolio.  The choices you make will have a significant impact on the realization of your goals.

As a Registered Representative, I am licensed to sell life insurance, annuities, and a variety of investment instruments in certain jurisdictions.  As such, I can assist clients in identifying financial goals and recommend appropriate product solutions.

As an Investment Advisory Representative, I can assist individuals seeking professional portfolio management services which are fee based.  This is a multi step process.  To start, I assist in identifying investment goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizons, and other relevant factors through a fact finding process.  Using the results, I assist in the selection of an appropriate portfolio model and manager.  After the managed portfolio is established, I meet with clients periodically to review performance and consider changes if their situation dictates.

As a Financial Planning Representative, I can develop an effective financial road map that will provide direction throughout your life.  I'll assist you to manage the complexity of your financial life and help you provide the financial security and peace of mind you deserve.  We will work together to explore and gain a thorough understanding of your situation then provide you with a realistic, personalized and comprehensive plan, with insightful recommendations consistent with your financial needs and objectives.